More about Karen

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Karen lived in many places due to her father’s military career before finally moving to Bend, Oregon with her family in 1987 where she started high school. After graduating from the University of Montana with a BS in Wildlife Biology in 1995, she entered the Peace Corps as a wildlife biologist. After spending 3 years living in a remote Berber village while working in the Eastern High Atlas Mountains National Park in Morocco, she returned to the states and decided to enter the medical field. So she spent the next eight years earning her nursing and nurse practitioner, MSN, ARNP degrees. During this time she was an active member of Bayshore Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida. After graduating, Karen joined Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), and accepted an assignment in SE Asia as the senior medical person and medical boat director on a medical riverboat, providing free or low-cost care to villagers along the river. She did this for three years, until late 2010 when funding for the boat ended. Since April 2011, she has been living in the Mentawai Islands off the coast of West Sumatra, Indonesia, treating patients and helping coordinate a medical program in areas that were hit by a 7.7 earthquake and tsunami back in October of 2010. And so, a new adventure begins…


  1. Checking in again. Cold here. Of course you have long johns. Bamboo keeps one are really warm. :0) Life is challenging but good. Know you are under the best covering in the world! Hugs and love to you! BK

  2. ‘thinking’ always includes prayer! I just went to the Island Encounters site and read/scanned the recent. Oh my. BK

  3. Thinking of you nearly every day. Finally had time to search a bit and find you thanks to info your Dad gave me earlier this year!. Good to catch up on your doings. Blessings to you. BK

  4. Hello Karen! Happy 2012. I admire your continued dedication to community service. I’ve been in Saudi Arabia for 16 months now. It of course reminds me of Morocco, just a bit more intense in ways. Take good care. Hope I can visit you someday in Indonesia. -Mary Beth

  5. wow! awesome! praise the Lord! 😉
    Thanks Karen 😉
    God bless you

  6. Incredible. To think there was a time I went out to eat hot wings with you.
    Seems a little small now. 🙂 Keep safe.

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