Posted by: joan49 | April 2, 2012

Rain Water System

Rain Water System

The other big project was to improve my rain water collection system. The water we get from the hills is pretty dirty so being able to use rainwater for bathing and washing clothes/dishes is great! As you can see from the picture, water flows off the roof and fills the big white plastic pipe first. That’s because the initial rainwater coming off the roof is fairly dirty carrying with it all the dust, debris, and animal scat that has collected since the last rain. The dirty stuff settles to the bottom of the big pipe and then the cleaner water flows directly into the big blue water tank. After the rain, I have to drain the dirty water out of the white pipe so it is ready to be used next time it rains. It’s a huge improvement over just using the mountain water, at least as long as it rains. This week I have an Indonesian friend visiting to hopefully set up a simple filtration system for cleaning the mountain water so I can use that too. I’ll let you know if it works…


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