Posted by: joan49 | March 26, 2012

Project 1 – Dry Floors

Project 2 - How to get cleaner water...

Two friends visited to help me with some projects to finish building my house.  First, I laid down laminate on the cement floors.  There is so much rain here and underground water that the cement has acted as a giant sponge to absorb the water…I’ve had wet floors and sometimes standing water in my house since I moved in – which has severely limited my ability to actually unpack my belongings as they have all been continually suspended by various means off the floor to keep from getting wet.  The laminate won’t solve the problem since it is just covering up the water, but with no more puddles to splash in I can finally unpack and  actually sit down. This picture  shows the need for Project 2 – on my way to cleaner water…

Until next time…



  1. Karen….I don’t even think HGTV can help with this mess !

    I wonder how much a sump pump can handle…hmmmm.

  2. Wow, what a project! I am wondering if there is any flooring material that WOULD work in that climate. How elevated is your house? Sounds like you need a stilt home 🙂 Send more house pictures, please. I love showing these to the students, they all want to be world travelers like you.

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