Posted by: joan49 | March 19, 2012

Happy Belated New Year

Hi Everyone,

Holy cow, this year has gotten off to a busy start!  Computer problems on top of my normal internet issues has made it hard to keep up with correspondence but  the good news is my computer is working again and our projects are rolling along as well as they could be at this stage.  We are getting ready to have a big 2-day meeting with the local church here to map out a 3 and 5-yr plan for their medical clinic.  They want it to become the medical center for other health programs which is exciting since we want to use it as the vehicle for our health programs as well.  There is also a new nurse who wants to work in the clinic so I am doing trainings with her, and have started working at a Catholic run medical clinic at the far end of town one day a week.  They have no doctor there, and the nuns have asked me to help capacity train them to better treat the patients that come. My next blog will update you on my  house issues (dry floors for now).

Hope the New Year is finding you all healthy and happy and busy doing whatever it is you respectively do in the world…

More later…



  1. Hi Karen,

    Glad you are doing well and continue to find new places to spread your knowledge to ! That’s great. I just googled Mentawai and seems they have
    some of the best waves for surfing. In your free time…get a surfing lesson.

    Take special care,

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